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18 February 2012

Sophie Blackall

I love Sophie Blackall's beautiful and quirky illustrations.

'We Shared a Bear Suit' from Sophie's book 
'Missed Connections' available at Amazon

Recently, I stumbled across an article at 'The Inside Source'
with some wonderful photographs of Sophie's home and lovely 
collection of inspirational objects and fantastical curiosities...

To quote the article...

"Blackall's Brooklyn home and studio are a window into her creative process. 
One step inside, and it’s like you’ve been transported into a Harry Potter novel 
or Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.  Blackall’s home, which 
she shares with her two children, is filled with carefully-curated, nearly-ghoulish 
oddities that don’t necessarily creep you out, but just like her illustrations, instead 
bring an odd smile to your face ....  in Blackall’s own words, her dwelling is 
something of a “Victorian Natural History Museum....”  you can view more here

Oh, I love it all! xox

03 February 2012

Oh Mickey!

"I think of a child's mind as a blank book. During 
the first years of his life, much will be written on the pages. 
The quality of that writing will affect his life profoundly."

Walt Disney once said.

Following last weeks post I was reminded of this picture. 
It was a random moment. We happened to stop by this wall 
and Ari happened to be dressed just like a...  mouseketeer.  

Mickey, at all times?  No. 
We're not big on branding. 

Just another  'cute'  op shop find in my mind. 

I do like... stuff.  And, I confess, I do like... Mickey Mouse. 

Actually I like a lot of what Disney has made to offer,
I like Pixar and I like the early studio animation work. 

 But what is it exactly that appeals to me and so many 
about the 'Disney World'  and about THAT mouse? 

The mouse that roared is available here from Amazon
and this book puts forth some interesting ideas too.