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31 March 2011

Flower Head: wunderkammer

This is an image that I photographed today of a shelf display in our

The curiosities are listed from left to right and top to bottom as follows...

a pair of celluloid swans found in an antique store many years ago, porcelain doll parts left behind by previous tenants of our house, paper flowers made for a long lost love but never given to him, a souvenir medallion presented to every school child in Australia in commemoration of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1953, vintage keys to cupboards and bureaus long gone, silver seahorse brooche purchased at the Esplanade Market in St. Kilda, a cameo portrait of King George? bought at a junkshop in Westgarth, soviet medal purchased at Check Point Charlie Berlin, korean coin donated by a patron when I was busking as a living statue, Australian 2¢ copper coin c1975 (no longer in circulation) picturing a frilled neck lizard and displaying a tiny dead black beetle found in the garden here, minature heart-shaped wall plaque and copper kitchen utensils that I bought as a child at the most incredible antique dollhouse shop when we visited Nuremberg, Germany (home to this wonderous  toy museum )... I was allowed to choose one single thing (I believe it was an incredibly expensive shop), silver maori charm a gift from a friend, tiny gold crown button discovered at Camberwell Market, wooden hexagonal-shaped game piece from unknown source, 1970s flapper hat pin purchased on Etsy, 1940s metal printer's plate of a  shoe found in an Adelaide curiosity shop in the nineteen-eighty four 

...ah, the collecting of wonders never ceases at our house.

30 March 2011

Help Japan

Thanks for praying, now let’s do some paying for Japan!
Stuff you can buy –that helps Japan,


⬇Even Lady Gaga steps in to lend a hand⬇

29 March 2011

Jitterbug Jam

Hoo Doo Emporium

The Jitterbug Club is like a contemporary Harlem jazz club. 

Plenty of hoochie and loads more coochie.
It creeps out like a shadow, jumps and jives like New York 1933,
 and then it wails like nothin' you ever heard before.
This ain't nostalgia folks, its sophisticated pandemonium. 
Its dressed to the nines and keepin' in step.

This is where we'll be headed Saturday night, you coming?


Done and Done!

-M-i-n-n-i-e- -M-o-u-s-e-

forties shoes via unknown

Raββity Mσσȵ

Spotty Rabbit Pendant by and O Design

german bunny lamp aviliable here 

for more easter goodness check out these bunny delights 

28 March 2011

The Picture Book

       for you  

      From Russia With Love
singing in the rain

take a lʘʘksy here at my flickr album The Picture Book.

pretty little maids

never has the relentless nature of household chores
seemed so sweet

The Lovely Miss Elson

via styleite.com

It may be hard to believe but this cover caused quite the stir when it hit the newsstands back in the February of  1997. Styled by the ever perverse talent of American photographer Steven Meisel 
(of Madonna Sex book fame), Karen, then just eighteen, was 
persuaded  to shave off her eyebrows for the shoot, an act which subsequently earned her the lovely nickname "Le Freak". Ah, I will always be a fan of the eccentric stylings of Vogue Italia 
and of this most enchanting lady...