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27 June 2011

wool and water

I love these beautiful & dark articulated dolls 
from talented papersmith Amy Earles...

↑ This duo look to me like they are straight out of ↓

(click here to read more)

An incredible musical fable by Tom Waits,
William S. Burroughs and Robert Wilson,
which I was fortunate to see performed 
in English at the Sydney Festival in 2004.

You can view a version of it here on youtube

The accompanying album is fantastic
and available here from Amazon

Now, who can resist a little dancing halloween skeleton?

Simply enchanting, are they not?

You can visit the wool and water shops 
                        (click here for website)
via bigcartel and etsy
or visit the 'wool and water' blog here
for more delights and inspiration

19 June 2011

a winter walk

                          Ari's always looking for fairies...


My wonderful piano key socks are by 
Kirsten Perry from her Numero Uno range,
you can purchase your own pair here.

The decoupage bangles are of my own label
and will be available from my shop in July.
Recently I stumbled across this interview 
on the Craft Victoria blog where Kirsten 
talks about her art,  life and inspirations.

I met Kirsten at the Rose St. Artist's Market,
where I also sold my wares for many a year.
I bought one of her fantastic ig toys for Ari 
and I've also got a handpainted ceramic 
skull necklace which I absolutely treasure.

I really love the humour of Kirsten's work.

You can visit her fantastic blog here 

I hope you've had a wonderful weekend too!

12 June 2011

the dollybird

You can view all their links via this treasury
which I put together a few days ago,

and you can view my other treasuries here 

10 June 2011

the haunting

I first heard this lovely song...

by Sasha Soukup

when Sasha posted the link to it
(& others) on her beautiful blog 

...it has been haunting me ever since

06 June 2011

sign of the twins

It was my birthday yesterday 
and I had a wonderful day.

Here are some of my favourite twin images

It was really lovely to catch up with so 
many of my dear friends this weekend.

I feel blessed to have 
such beautiful people in my life.

Thank-you for all the wonderful gifts
and loving thoughts and words...

 I'd also like to wish a very

 Happy Birthday 

to all my fellow geminis... 
I know so many.

image sources:
1. unknown 2. Billy und Hells 3.Diabolus 
 4. Sarah Ogren 5.Theremina via flickr

more incredible twin shots on this blog

01 June 2011

looking through the kaleidoscope

a painting by Olaf Hajek,
interiors styling by Irina Graewe,
and a butterfly assembledge 

...and one of my collage work which will
hopefully be available as prints in the shop soon

sorry, not sure of the links for these images...