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08 November 2011

Another World Recordings

my portfolio of art and illustration

from the 'Playtime Series' circa 2008-9
copyright Anna Maria Drutzel

I've been busy photographing my work for the site lately,
including extracts from my visual diaries and workbooks.
There's a lot to wade through; I've filled nearly 50 journals 
in the last 15 years... of course, not all of it's note-worthy.

The site is under construction but there are some pics up 
if you would like to see a bit more of my artwork ↓

(click here)

06 November 2011

The Dollhouse #5

Illustration by Sol Linero. More images here

I found this image via Where The Lovely Things Are

If you haven't visited this lovely blog before you are in for a treat! 
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Black and white (with a splash of the rainbow)
Phone brooch set
vintage. black. whi...
Antique Bantam Type...
No. 10012 - The Per...
vintage two tone eq...
doily clock
SALE. vintage shoes...
Handpainted wooden ...
Gilbertville Public...
Zebra Mask
Vintage 70's Pu...
Abstract Art Print ...
vintage orange slic...
Vintage Crayons 104...
Vintage Shoes - 198...

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Today I found this tool. It was developed by Red Row Studio. It allows all those wonderful treasuries to be shared on your blog (and readers can click straight through to each listing too!) 

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02 November 2011


How fantastic is this photo shoot that 
Steven Meisel shot for Vogue Italia?!

These images have been kicking around on my computer
for a while now, thought it was about time to share them.

Sorry, not so sure about the original link or issue details.
If anyone else knows, please fill me in.