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31 August 2012


This post is a direct transcription from 
a post by reference library.

Too good not to repeat it.  HaHa!


I'll let you make up your own mind Yayoi

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21 August 2012

Dolly LOVE

Isn't she just incredible? The detail is so exquisite.
Most likely she is a Fashion Doll... or a 'Pandora'.

English Doll 1755-1760  via V&A Collection

"Pandoras were used from the 14th century to convey the latest 
fashion among courts of Europe.... by the end of the 18th century 
the pandoras had given way in importance to fashion magazines. 
The figures were not designed as toys, but, after (fulfilling) their 
original purpose they may been given to children to play with."

-words from the V&A Collection website

I love the patina of these beautiful old dolls and doll houses.

08 August 2012

The Dollhouse #7

This incredible Doll House, made by Paul Cumbie in 1883, 
was modelled on Petit Chateau (or The Vanderbilt House), 
an amazing chateuesque mansion built between 1878-82.

It was located at 660 Fifth Avenue on the Upper East Side in 
NYC, but sadly demolished in 1926 to make way for offices!