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28 October 2011

Our little lovebird

Yesterday was a very sad day at our house. Our beautiful blue harlequin budgie Loco died. We buried him in the garden 
outside Ari's window beneath some yellow daisies.

image from The Blue Bird

 Ari told me that he thinks Loco is a little angel bird now and so he wanted to lay Loco where Loco's spirit could peer in at his bedroom window and watch him playing... read more 

Loco loved listening to the music on this clip ↓
he would sing along quite merrily...

Orla Kiely Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection 
by Merecedes Helnwein

07 October 2011

A Day At The Show

I took a self portrait in front of the bathroom mirror with 
last year's dolly purchase, before we headed to the show.

One of my favourite brooches, a gift from my lovely friend Nat. 
The image on it is from 'Waiting for Goddess' by Destiny Deacon.

The sweet little lucky number bangles are by yours truly
and will (hopefully) be available in  my shop soon!

Mmmm... cotton candy. Yum!

I simply couldn't resist bringing this darling little 
polka dot skirted kewpie dolly home with me... 

Ari and I had fun in the Magic Circus Funhouse.

What a lovely time we all had at this year's Show!

more pictures here...

01 October 2011

The Dollhouse #3

Wonderful article and links on doll houses
& modern designer minatures  here

little hexagons

 patchwork flowers made by Tina 
found via Fine Little Day

take a look at Ratzer 
(Tina's lovely emporium of graphic woolen bliss)