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28 April 2012

Lu Flux

LOVE the doll house theme...

'Everything But The Kitchen Sink' Autumn Winter 2012 
collection from the wonderfully ad hoc Lu Flux

More images here

15 April 2012

stealing beauty

How beautiful is this lace curtain that Elisabeth's
putting together for her little swedish cottage?

I think I might have to steal this idea away
for some corner window in our house...

perhaps this one? The staircase is beautiful, but 
this corner of the room could use a bit of help.

sleeping with rabbits...

Another beautiful and strange Victorian postcard.
Not another montage, but a studio photograph.

I couldn't resist purchasing this one. It's pinned 
to the inspiration board above my beautiful old deco 
worktable. How I do love these old dream-like images.

06 April 2012


Today we are baking Easter biscuits, watching Easter
movies and philosophising about the holiday...

image found via I've had dreams like that

What do bunnies, a holy spirit, chocolate eggs and little girls 
dancing with giant bugs have to do with Easter?  Who knows! 

I did try to research this image... but I got confused. 
I love this beautiful vintage picture postcard though.

It's so surreal, so dream-like.

I hope everyone's enjoying a most lovely Easter break. xo