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31 May 2011

one sunday morning

 happy threads, early morning faces,
and one too many gin and tonics...

makes me think of  ↓this song↓  which I love

I wonder... would you join me, for a lovely snowy drive 
through the streets of Mendoza Argentina,  sometime?

25 May 2011

this week

I am taking a little break, but I will be back with wonderful 
new posts and the grand opening of my shops very soon... 

20 May 2011

colour & shapes


from the fabulous


from the delightful


from the wonderful

images via this Etsy treasury 
by Charlotte Jolie

- the little house -

The little house with the forest roof (17/4 ) reminded me
of  something else...  somewhere else...  something beautiful... 
I couldn't quite remember what that beautiful something was

...until just now

the beetle's house  

        (I believe that's Fujimori in the window)

.... like heaven on earth, no?

Too-High Tea House

The extroadinary work of japanese surrealist architect 

Fujiomori Terunobu

sorry, these were found all over the shop, not sure of links...

15 May 2011

pretty things

I love the styling and photography of many Etsy shops, 
just as much as I love the vintage they have listed...  

the shop: Clever Nettle 
the blog: CLEVER NETTLE  

the shop: The Loved One 
the blog: Hannah and Landon 

the shop: Vera Vague 
the blog: into the vague 

all via ETSY 

I love reading the blogs and the background to each shop 
update and about the inspiration behind the beautiful images.

Much time and heart goes into these photo shoots and often 
the sellers do it all themselves with a tripod and a self-timer. 

Many of these girls are so multi-talented, being makers as well 
as vintage sellers, stylists, photographers & bloggers to boot!

11 May 2011

the lovely locket

Oh my goodness!

'Lost on the Midway'

'Little Bee'

'The Fiji Mermaid'


''The Beekeeper'

 Look!  At these lovely lockets from:-

(click here)

Aren't they delightful?

They are made to order 
with a 4-6 week turn around,
and someone sweet just
bought one for me!

Hopefully it will arrive just in time for my birthday ;)

They are available now from 
(click here) 
but do hurry... 

they are sure to disappear 
before your very eyes!

09 May 2011

cane toads and butterflies

This lovely embroidery was listed on Etsy a while ago.

It reminded me so very much of Henry Darger's work,
and it wasn't very expensive, but I just couldnt afford it.

Sigh.  It ain't easy being a struggling artist.

For more vivian girl inspired embroideries
take a look here at the work of Wendy Huhn

08 May 2011

Image:  Devotion by Julia Margaret Cameron 1865

I breathe you in
You smell of bilberry shampoo
my child

I watch as 
in sleep you toss and turn
I watch the
gentle heaving of your chest
as you breathe in
and then 
breathe out

Your cheeks are
the softest thing
that I have ever known

Your eyes with their 
beautiful long lashes
Your nose so tiny 
and perfect
Your sweet baby lips 
shaped like a kiss

Oh how I overflow with heaven
at the sight of you now
my sleeping child

And how I long to live over again
all the days past 
that I have spent
holding you close 
on this earth

my sweet, sweet Ariel

I stroke your golden hair
and you turn to me
my hands fill with silken ringlets
as you roll gently 
into my arms

And I know

this is happiness

happy mother's day

02 May 2011


in Van Diemen's Land

in a grassy field
blowing dandelion clocks
and making wishes

(Happy Haiku Monday)