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24 March 2012

How Wild The Wind Blows

Indeed the weather has been wild and windy here lately, but 
with dashes of random sunshine and masses of butterflies.  

Wanderer Butterflies sipping nectar in our flower garden.

So I've been busying myself inside this week. In the studio.

Making, making making for shop 1 shop 2 (opening soon),
taking photographs for my portfolio, making new artwork,
contemplating making some more sculptural pieces
and listening (a lot) to the music of Nick Drake.

It seems that Nick's mother was musically inclined too and
a couple of her homemade recordings have been doing the 
rounds on the internet lately.  This is possibly one of them...

How Wild The Wind Blows

An acorn carries an oak tree
Sleeping but for a little while;
Winter lies in the arms of spring
As a mother carries her child

And never knows
How wild the wind blows

A thought carries a universe
A seed carries a field of grain
Love lies in the arms of change
As a joy carries a pain

And noone knows
How wild the wind blows

written and sung by Molly Drake (?)

Eerie... and beautiful, even if it turns out not to be Molly's song. x

09 March 2012

Lady Grey

Photographs by Tim Walker 
Vogue Italia March 2010

All images found via this wonderful blog

06 March 2012

Georges Méliès

I have long been in love with the fantastique work 
of french film pioneer Georges Méliès.

His visions have greatly inspired my work in performance,
my art making, and my creations of costumery and millinery.

A box set of over 170 of Georges Méliès films
is now availiable from Amazon. C'est maqnifique!

Georges Méliès in 3D

We finally went to see Hugo and it was really wonderful.

At first I thought the story was sweet but a little too contrived.

When we came home and I read up on the life of Georges Méliès
I found that it was almost as fantastical as Martin Scorsese's film.

I think, indeed, Scorsese's film does the Magician's art justice.
If only Méliès could have seen his dreams brought to life in 3D!

You can view the much referenced A Trip To The Moon here.

01 March 2012

The Mad Square

'Half-Caste' Hannah Höch 1924 via

The Mad Square finishes this Sunday. 

'Merz Drawing [Fox]' Kurt Schwitters 1930 via

'Made For The Party' Hannah Höch 1936 via

[Spiral Costume from the Triad Ballet' Karl Grill 1926-27 via

'Metropolis' Heinz Schulz-Neudamm 1926 via

'Love' Hannah Höch 1931 via

'Untitled [Dolls]' László Moholy-Nagy 1926-1927 via

It focusses on Modernity in German Art from 1910-37.

Expressionism. Bauhaus. Dada. Constructivism. New Objectivity. 
Metropolis. And what the National Socialist Party termed Degenerate Art 
and confiscated, stole, burnt or sold abroad.  It's a fascinating show.

Hurry down to the NGV before you miss out!