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25 June 2012

Olaf Hajek Exhibition

If I were only in Berlin...

Opening and Book Launch
July 5th- July 29th

Another World Recordings

I've been making a few changes to 
my Portfolio of Art and Illustration lately...

In The Garden  2009  
© Anna Maria Drutzel 

from the series 'Picture Words'

...why don't you take a peek! xox

17 June 2012

the butterfly hunter

"Does there not exist a high ridge where 
the mountainside of ‘scientific’ knowledge joins 
the opposite slope of ‘artistic’ imagination?" 

Vladimir Nabokov

"My pleasures are the most intense known to man: 
writing and butterfly hunting."

Vladimir Nabokov

Images taken from the field journals of Vladimir Nabokov

The Russian Author, best known for his novel ' Lolita ' was 
also a distinguished Entomologist with a particular interest in
Lepidoptera (or moths and butterflies). Parts of his butterfly
collection and other items are kept in the Nabokov Museum.

04 June 2012

Dolly LOVE

For my birthday tomorrow I'd love...

One of these beautiful living doll assemblages
created by Earth Sea Warrior

And a couple of these geometric terrariums... 

pretty pretty please? x