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06 April 2011

The Blue Wall

I painted a wall in our house this beautiful blue.

Above are the artworks which now reside there,
in-between two archways.  They are as follows...

                       1. the goblin mask
                           made and worn by a friend to my 23rd birthday

                       2. 'Madam' from The Living Doll
                           (a series which I am currently working on)

                       3. The Moon by Ariel Gray (then three years old)

one of the archways is rectangular and the other is rounded;
one was carved by my grandfather and the other  by my father.

The wall itself is really a work of art,

and I would include a photo of it here
if our house weren't so messy,

ah, but mess is such a part of life for artists (and kids)...

perhaps our very world was born out of such chaos, 


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