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12 April 2011

a fairytale world

image found via this dreamy Etsy store

Sasha who owns Astral Boutique has one
of the loveliest profiles that I have ever read.

The life she has created sounds simply beautiful,
and her home seems like the kind of earthy,
art-filled place that we hoped to create too,
when we left the big smoke behind last year.

If I lived anywhere near Grass Valley,
I should very much like to pop into Sasha's
for a cup of tea, some lovely music,
and a wander through the woodlands.

I love 'the bush', it has it's own mythical beauty,
 but a part of my spirit (perhaps the german part),
forever longs for faraway fairytale forests.

 Visit Sasha's store here for pretty bohemian vintage,
or to just take a peek into the world in which she lives.


  1. I just know that if you lived anywhere near Grass Valley, we would be tea-swilling friends, and wood wanderers together! By the way, I have only heard the term The Big Smoke once before.... naked, in a sweat lodge, on a commune, a million miles away from even the smallest town in the mountains of far Northern California. It has been me and my husband's in joke for years! Is it an Australian expression? If so, how on earth did it travel all the way to that sweat lodge? (-:

  2. We Australians do get around, I would not be at all
    suprised if one found their way to that sweat lodge...

    funny, I always assumed it was an American phrase.

    I imagined it being uttered by surly gentlemen,
    wearing handmade suits in chicago speakeasys,
    as they puffed away on their cuban cigars.
    But, it's probably Australian or English then.

    It is uttered tongue in cheek here...

    I would advised against using it as directions in a taxi...
    you're likely to end up at a sweat lodge on a commune. x