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22 April 2011

{miss polly jean}

I've been listening to this a lot lately 
whilst driving to and fro along the freeway- 

of this most incredible songstress,
I am a most adoring fan, I must say,
yet it's the same with every album...

it always takes time for the love to grow,
like a flower slowly coming into bloom.

The longer I listen,
the deeper I fall into the richness
& the poetics of each new work.

And that, is something which I very much
enjoy about the music of Polly Jean Harvey.

Her work is so skillfully & thoughtfully crafted.

part of a collaborative series
I created with Jonathan 2009

Over the years, her songs have provided so much
inspiration for my own creative endeavours, that I feel,

from 'The Devil's Playground' 
a series which I am currently working on

 although we are complete strangers to one another,
we are also kindred spirits journeying side by side.

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