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08 May 2011

Image:  Devotion by Julia Margaret Cameron 1865

I breathe you in
You smell of bilberry shampoo
my child

I watch as 
in sleep you toss and turn
I watch the
gentle heaving of your chest
as you breathe in
and then 
breathe out

Your cheeks are
the softest thing
that I have ever known

Your eyes with their 
beautiful long lashes
Your nose so tiny 
and perfect
Your sweet baby lips 
shaped like a kiss

Oh how I overflow with heaven
at the sight of you now
my sleeping child

And how I long to live over again
all the days past 
that I have spent
holding you close 
on this earth

my sweet, sweet Ariel

I stroke your golden hair
and you turn to me
my hands fill with silken ringlets
as you roll gently 
into my arms

And I know

this is happiness

happy mother's day


  1. Simply beautiful anna! happy mother's day to you xxxx

  2. aww... thank-you sweetheart! x