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19 June 2011

a winter walk

                          Ari's always looking for fairies...


My wonderful piano key socks are by 
Kirsten Perry from her Numero Uno range,
you can purchase your own pair here.

The decoupage bangles are of my own label
and will be available from my shop in July.
Recently I stumbled across this interview 
on the Craft Victoria blog where Kirsten 
talks about her art,  life and inspirations.

I met Kirsten at the Rose St. Artist's Market,
where I also sold my wares for many a year.
I bought one of her fantastic ig toys for Ari 
and I've also got a handpainted ceramic 
skull necklace which I absolutely treasure.

I really love the humour of Kirsten's work.

You can visit her fantastic blog here 

I hope you've had a wonderful weekend too!

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