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29 December 2011

Somewhere in Dreamland

I've another animated classic to share with you!

A few years back I picked up a heap of vintage cartoons on DVD
(super cheap) and fell in love with Max Fleischer's classics.

We've had to take it fairly slow and easy these past two days
as Ari's had a bad cold and I've been struggling to fight one off.
So, we've been snuggled up in the comfy red velvet armchair
devouring hot chocs & cookies and watching this ↓ on repeat.

Just the thing to ward off our ills.

Hopefully we'll be well enough in the morning to 
head off on a bit of a New Year adventure...

The Max Fleisher definitive collection 
is available here from Amazon.

1 comment:

  1. oh how i love old cartoons! i'm so glad you posted this.