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06 March 2012

Georges Méliès

I have long been in love with the fantastique work 
of french film pioneer Georges Méliès.

His visions have greatly inspired my work in performance,
my art making, and my creations of costumery and millinery.

A box set of over 170 of Georges Méliès films
is now availiable from Amazon. C'est maqnifique!


  1. Mr HMH and I just watched Hugo and I loved it! Bit old for The Munchkin yet but so visually rich I can't wait to share it with her :)

  2. Sorry Allana, I just noticed your comments on here! I've been a wee bit distracted by real life (and Pinterest ;) and not checking my comment box as often as I ought to. Ooops! Yes... It is a marvellous film! We took Ari to see it, who's six and a half and very much interested in all kinds of gadgets and whirligigs and trains and rockets. I think he was just the right age for it and he loved it. We saw it in 3D and I thought the visuals were simply stunning. x