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01 March 2012

The Mad Square

'Half-Caste' Hannah Höch 1924 via

The Mad Square finishes this Sunday. 

'Merz Drawing [Fox]' Kurt Schwitters 1930 via

'Made For The Party' Hannah Höch 1936 via

[Spiral Costume from the Triad Ballet' Karl Grill 1926-27 via

'Metropolis' Heinz Schulz-Neudamm 1926 via

'Love' Hannah Höch 1931 via

'Untitled [Dolls]' László Moholy-Nagy 1926-1927 via

It focusses on Modernity in German Art from 1910-37.

Expressionism. Bauhaus. Dada. Constructivism. New Objectivity. 
Metropolis. And what the National Socialist Party termed Degenerate Art 
and confiscated, stole, burnt or sold abroad.  It's a fascinating show.

Hurry down to the NGV before you miss out!

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