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26 July 2012

A Winter Garden

I've been spending quite a bit of time

...in our beautiful Winter Garden lately.

 I love the way some plants look 
when they've gone to seed. 

Weeds can be so beautiful sometimes, that 
I'm reluctant to pull their roots from the earth 

and make way for flowers. 

Our vegie beds are bare. We were exhausted by 
the Summer harvest and neglected to plant Winter crops. 

We've cleared the debris and turned the soil and I've 
been shelling the dried bean pods I harvested in Summer 
and selecting new heirloom varieties of foodplants.

Now all we have to do is wait a little... until the weather 
turns, and the rays of Spring begin to warm the soil.

This painting is by Audrey Kawasaki

So bittersweet. Like a winter garden.

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